Gas or Electric Hob

Kitchen hobs are one of the most commonly used items in our kitchens. With them being a tool that is used for most meals that are made within our kitchen. There are two main choices of hobs that you can have installed into your kitchen, these are gas or electric. But, how can you decide …


Clever Kitchen Designs for Smaller Homes

Smaller homes can still benefit from beautifully designed kitchens that transform their appearance, usability and general aesthetics. Kitchen designers design rooms that make the most of all available space, making sure it is used to its full potential and all aspects have been carefully considered. If a kitchen is small, it can still be perfectly …


Buying a New Oven

An oven is one of the most important appliances in a kitchen and often the rest of the kitchen will fall into place around it. If you are looking for a new oven to buy, there are many premium brands you can select from, as well as a number of newcomers to the kitchen market. …

Bespoke cakes London

When planning an event in London it’s all about the personal touches. Bespoke cakes in London can be ordered for any occasion, giving it a more personal feel. Guests can enjoy delicious sponges and beautifully iced cakes, as well as showstoppers like layer cakes and sprinkle cakes.