What your flooring says about you

   Kitchen Accessories   January 21, 2015  No Comments

There’s a lot of options when it comes to designing your perfect kitchen. You can spend hours worrying about appliances, week fretting about lighting and their fittings but you can also spend a whole lot of time worrying about your flooring. After all; what flooring you choose says an awful…

Creating a Country Kitchen

   Kitchen Accessories   January 17, 2015  No Comments

Creating a country kitchen can be so easy, you will find so many great items to choose from that will allow you to turn your kitchen into a beautiful country kitchen that you enjoy spending time in as well as entertaining in. Any room that is embellished with touches of…

The myths and truths of the kitchen island

   Food Prep   January 16, 2015  No Comments

There’s an enormous amount written, and even more said, about what needs to go into a kitchen. So many theories, so much feng shui, and so much careful positioning goes into every aspect for various different reasons. The Kitchen Island is one object that, in particular, draws a huge amount…

Do we need a dishwasher?

   Kitchen Accessories   January 11, 2015  No Comments

My dishwasher broke a few weeks ago; it’s about as old as I am and twice as grubby, but, nevertheless, I started thinking about how much it would set me back to replace it. A few hundred pounds for the unit? How much would it cost to get it fitted…

How Extractor Fans can Improve Your Cooking Experience

   Extractor Fans   December 24, 2014  No Comments

One of the things which is often neglected when outfitting a kitchen is a high quality extractor fan, but it is actually one of the things likely to have the most impact on your kitchen and your cooking experience. An extractor fan serves a lot of different functions, from extracting…

Bread Makers

   Kitchen Accessories   December 20, 2014  No Comments

While you can make bread without a specialised bread maker, there are clear benefits to owning one. Making bread without one of them requires a lot of skilled kneading to get a good result, while a bread maker is effective at kneading the dough for you; although most chefs will…

Automatic Mixers

   Kitchen Accessories   December 17, 2014  No Comments

Automatic mixers are growing in popularity throughout homes in the UK as a tool to reduce the workload in the kitchen and make the preparation for dozens of dishes and cooking techniques a lot less labour intensive while maintaining great results. Making things easier and more precise is a clear…

Hobs that Compliment your Work Surfaces

   Hobs   December 2, 2014  No Comments

A quality hob is not just great for cooking food, it can add style to a kitchen, but you should choose a hob that works well with your surrounding work surfaces too. Traditional wooden surfaces with a classical cast iron gas hob, but you can get hobs with stoves underneath….