Kitchen Accessories

A self-cleaning kitchen

This is not a real thing, before you get too excited and start panic-clicking things all over the screen looking to buy something. If I had invented this, I would be rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Regardless, this is me just speculating and basically complaining about how disgusting my kitchen gets and how I can never be bothered to keep on cleaning it. The floor gets messy and needs vacuuming and mopping. The sides get messy and need wiping down. The cupboards get dusty inside and out and need dusting. When will the cleaning end?


It never does. There are too many items, too many people using the room and too many dishes to be washed. Especially when your dishwasher is broken like mine is. The cleaning is endless. One day, one glorious day, I will invent the self-cleaning kitchen and you’ll all bow before me.