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American style fridges

I love kitchens. It is a weird thing to admit out loud, I know that, but there is so much innovation still available and still on the cards that is amazing to think about what might happen, and what might be revolutionised next in our kitchens. Over the past few years I have become enamoured with american style appliances in my kitchen. The classic look of the American coffee machine or, my personal favourite, the American fridge.


Mine is massive. There’s never an occasion when I am worried about over filling it or not buying something in case I don’t have room. There’s specific spaces for everything I need and use and plenty of room for beers for that Friday night feeling. The ice dispenser, too, is a genius touch. Perfect for my Jack Daniels of an evening. I might have an alcohol problem. I also use it for water, honestly. Regardless of the use it is an excellent addition to a fridge.