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An Exposition on Coffee Grinders

Lovers of coffee and espresso will stop at nothing just to get a cup of coffee to jump-start their day. They like even more when it is fresh coffee. This is where coffee grinders come into play. They are used to grind coffee beans just before making a hot cup of coffee thus ensuring not only fresh smell and taste but also ensuring all the nutrients are intact.

Traditionally, such grinders were manually operated but with the industrial revolution, electric versions were developed. As of now, there are tens or even hundreds of brands in the market that differ in price and quality. They may also use different mechanisms which may in turn influence the fineness of the resulting coffee grounds.

Two main types.

There are two main types of coffee grinders. The first option uses rotating metal blades to grind coffee. This means they are fitted with motor. The blades chop the dried coffee beans into grounds of varying sizes including fine, medium and coarse depending on the machine. This good thing with this grinder is that it allows users to control the type of grounds produced. Generally the longer the grinding lasts, the finer the grounds will be and vice versa. Blade grinders tend to work faster and are cheaper than the other type mentioned below.

The second type uses a grinder wheel and is usually referred to as burr grinder. The grinding wheel smashes the coffee beans. To achieve finer grounds, the grinder can be set to repeat the process over and over. Proponents of the burr grinder argue that it gives you better control over the grinding process. However, they tend to be more expensive and slower than the blade grinders.

Using a coffee grinder 

The technology that goes into an electric grinder of coffee makes it very simple to use. All you need to do is add the right amount to whole coffee beans in the hopper of your burr grinder or on the top of a blade grinder. You will need about 1 tablespoon of ground coffee for every 177ml of water.

If you are using a blade grinder, you will need to hold down the start button in pulses of 10 seconds. For burr grinder, you will only need to select your preferred setting and turn it on. While the machine is working, you may want to shake the machine gently while you are holding on the cup tightly. Further, you may have to pulse your grinder severally to ensure the grounds are as fine as possible.


There are many advantages of using a coffee grinder besides the freshness of the coffee or espresso that you will make. You can be sure of the quality of coffee you use. However, you need to understand that taste of the coffee will also depend on the brewer and the brewing process used. Choose the right brand according to your pocket. However, do not compromise on quality simply because you are looking for cheap grinder. You can take advantage of promotions and discounts to get quality grinder at competitive prices.