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A self-cleaning kitchen

   Kitchen Accessories   September 7, 2015  Comments Off on A self-cleaning kitchen

This is not a real thing, before you get too excited and start panic-clicking things all over the screen looking to buy something. If I had invented this, I would be rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Regardless, this is me just speculating and basically complaining about how disgusting my kitchen…

American style fridges

   Cooking Utensils   August 11, 2015  Comments Off on American style fridges

I love kitchens. It is a weird thing to admit out loud, I know that, but there is so much innovation still available and still on the cards that is amazing to think about what might happen, and what might be revolutionised next in our kitchens. Over the past few…

Pets in the kitchen

   Food Prep   July 10, 2015  Comments Off on Pets in the kitchen

Before we got a cat the message was simple. We went to a cattery and it was this lovely lady’s home; 5 or 6 cats walked freely around the home, except one recent rescue cat (which we chose to be our beautiful cat Lily.) The house had a distinct smell…

Tiling is sexy

   Kitchen Accessories   June 7, 2015  Comments Off on Tiling is sexy

Now I know what you are already thinking; “How can you possibly think tiling is sexy? Are you some kind of insane person?” Woah now, maybe I am, but the key points are still salient! Since the dawn of time, or rather since we became material obsessed, people who are…

How To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee With Cafetieres?

   Kitchen Accessories   May 17, 2015  Comments Off on How To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee With Cafetieres?

Nowadays, people have become quite conscious about their fitness and what they eat or drink. Going to a coffee shop and ordering some caramel coffee or flavoured lattes can definitely add a great amount of calories in your diet. You will certainly feel yourself sluggish and blotted. So these days,…