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Bendy taps: Washing up has never been better

There’s one job in the kitchen that none of us enjoy doing; well, actually there’s probably quite a few jobs that we don’t enjoy doing. The one that regularly tops the polls, though, is washing up. I mean, for me, I quite like it; it keeps my hands warm, is quite relaxing and helps me focus my mind a little bit at the end of a tough day. For many people, though, it’s a chore they could do without.

One of the most annoying aspects is in the positioning of the items you’re trying to wash, especially the larger items. Thankfully there’s a kitchen fitting that almost completely fixes that issue, and makes washing up an altogether more enjoyable experience, is the bendable, and extendable, tap. You can pull, twist and point the tap in any direction to get to all the awkward corners, making this once painful and slow job a thing of the past.