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American style fridges

   Cooking Utensils   August 11, 2015  Comments Off on American style fridges

I love kitchens. It is a weird thing to admit out loud, I know that, but there is so much innovation still available and still on the cards that is amazing to think about what might happen, and what might be revolutionised next in our kitchens. Over the past few…

The Sink: The overlooked essential

   Cooking Utensils   February 15, 2015  Comments Off on The Sink: The overlooked essential

I could have started this post with a pretty stupid opening line like “Everyone has a sink!” but I thought better of it. Because I am not telling you that you need to get one, I am talking about why it is so important to get the right one, a…

Bendy taps: Washing up has never been better

   Cooking Utensils   January 29, 2015  Comments Off on Bendy taps: Washing up has never been better

There’s one job in the kitchen that none of us enjoy doing; well, actually there’s probably quite a few jobs that we don’t enjoy doing. The one that regularly tops the polls, though, is washing up. I mean, for me, I quite like it; it keeps my hands warm, is…