Choosing a New Oven

Ovens are one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. Choosing a new one will be wonderful for all cooks and chefs. Cooking in a new oven can give you a lot more freedom, additional features and the confidence to try out some new dishes. How do you know what to choose?

  • Look for different settings depending on your needs. Some ovens will have settings so you can cook depending on weight, or the type of food. Others will have different modes like fan oven or grill settings.
  • Make a list of your non negotiable points. For example, you may be unwilling to compromise on having a gas oven or an electric oven.
  • Think of additional features you would like. Some ovens have a door that slides underneath to get it out of the way. Others have a self-cleaning function where you can set the temperature high and burn off dirt.