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Detoxing: How your kitchen can help

It’s almost that time of year again; we’ve already fallen back on our New Year’s resolutions, the waistlines are starting to expand again and our gym membership cards are gathering dust. Unfortunately lent is upon us; that time where we give up something for 40 days to try and make ourselves a little bit better. For many people it’s something food related; chocolate or sugar tend to lead the way. But how can our kitchen design help us conquer the cravings?

Your kitchen surfaces are key here, as crazy as it sounds! Keep them tidy, keep them free of clutter and watch your resolve remain strong. If you are keen on having snacks on the surfaces, which I certainly do in bowls and things like that, make sure they’re not crisps or chocolate. Keep those hidden and out of sights, and replace them with fruit, granola bars or rice cakes. That way at least if you are tempted to snack the only things visible to you in your clean kitchen is healthy. Those 40 days will soon be over and, who knows, maybe you’ll discover you never needed junk food in the first place.