Kitchen Accessories

Do we need a dishwasher?

My dishwasher broke a few weeks ago; it’s about as old as I am and twice as grubby, but, nevertheless, I started thinking about how much it would set me back to replace it. A few hundred pounds for the unit? How much would it cost to get it fitted as well? Could I do it myself? All the questions were wizzing around in my head while I was trying to sleep and well into the next morning.

I had my breakfast and automatically started doing something I hadn’t done in months; washing up. It was relaxing, therapeutic and made my hands warm and soft.I started to think that maybe I didn’t need a dishwasher; I was washing things up as I was using them, rather than putting them all in a dishwasher and waiting to do it in one go. As a result I wasn’t scraping the barrel using the last of my cutlery.