Folding and Sliding Doors Overview

Doors: they need to be practical, convenient and, above all, secure. For businesses, this is never an easy balance to strike, with the number and type of doors you can choose being slightly more limited for homes. To get a door that also looks good might sometimes feel like the impossible task. Folding and sliding doors can help you overcome some of the issues you might have with the entrance into your building, helping to make it more accessible, easier for customers to navigate and generally better for your business. They will also give you the strength and security you need to protect your business, with the option of alarms if you want that added security built in.

Folding and sliding doors are perfect for industrial environments where they need to meet with various regulations and follow certain rules for the particular industry. You can select from different kinds of folding and sliding doors depending on your business and the type of space you need access for. If possible, go to a showroom, where you can explore these types of doors in more detail and find out which ones will be right for you. Experience showroom staff should be on hand in any quality showroom environment, able to talk to you about what you require and tell you about the different door options on offer.

An overview of folding doors

If you are considering folding doors, it might interest you to know that many of the big brands offer quality folding doors for a range of businesses. They come with various different leaf options and can work with almost any opening size. There are insulated panels available, with glazing options for doors up to 14 metres in width!

These are some of the features you might need to know about for your folding doors:

  • Aluminium framing. Perfect for showrooms and similar, where internal space is at a premium. There is no need for tracking or roller door housing, so the full internal space can be used.
  • Manual operation. It’s easy for anyone to use manual doors, so staff and customers can comes and go as they please. However, doors can be automated if preferred, using quiet motors that comes with a choice of controls. Push button operation and radio control are both possible, as well as having the option of biometric security.
  • Easy access. When you have a busy workshop or warehouse, you won’t have any problems with people existing and entering the building where and when needed.

An overview of sliding doors

There are various models of sliding doors that you can choose from, with single, double skinned and insulated panels. They can be made to different heights and widths depending on the size of the opening.

The doors are also available with glazing, and they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means that natural light can come in easily – as much or as little as is required.

It’s possible to have sliding doors in a manual format, or as electric operated doors. Either way, they will be light, easy to open without compromising on security.