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How to Find a Sink that Suits you

A sink is an integral part of your kitchen. Of course, it is important in a practical sense, but it is also all about achieving the right look and feel for your kitchen. A sink will complement the overall aesthetic and make it into a sleek modern design or a traditional, pretty farmhouse kitchen.

The main types of sinks you can choose from are stainless steel, composite and ceramic. Here are the main benefits of each:

Stainless steel – these sinks look modern and have clean, modern lines. They are easy to keep clean and are the cheapest type of sink to install.

Ceramic – decorate the perfect farmhouse kitchen with a Belfast sink or single/ double bowl ceramic sink. They are pretty and traditional.

Composite – a quality composite sink should last for many years. They are made of incredibly durable materials that are designed to last and you can choose from a number of colours.