Kitchen Accessories

Ikea: The best thing to happen to the UK

For many people DIY in the home is a nightmare. An expensive nightmare filled with paint, hard to assemble furniture and enormous piles of mess around the home. If only some company were to come along that stocked a whole load of easy to assemble furniture, even more stylish accessories for your home and kitchen, and made the whole process of shopping there as easy as anything. Luckily such a place now exists, a place has traversed the sea and entered our lives to make our kitchen accessory shopping easier. That place is Ikea.

They have spread across the country like wildfire; such is their popularity and quality, and most major cities now have one. With an organised way of progressing through stores, easy to understand and logical layouts, it is easy to see why these stores have exploded in popularity in recent years. The selection is huge and the quality isn’t compromised either.