Food Prep

Outdoor Cooking: Is it too early?

“It’s barbecue weather!” they’ll shout to you. “Hurry, bring the matches and some burgers! It’s sunny!” For some reason we flock outside to eat as soon as there is a dapple of sunlight beating down onto the ground. But what about outdoor cooking normally? Does it have to be sunny? Why aren’t we cooking outside right now in overcast weather? When it comes to outdoor cooking we’re hipsters; only when it’s sunny and only when it suits us.
But what about outdoor cooking more generally? Is it something we should be looking to do to give our much worn kitchens a break? By having an appropriate area outside that is safe and easy to cook in we can revolutionise our cooking and dining experience. We open up our gardens or wherever we are cooking and can really appreciate the food, the company and an opportunity to experience a more open eating environment.