Food Prep

The myths and truths of the kitchen island

There’s an enormous amount written, and even more said, about what needs to go into a kitchen. So many theories, so much feng shui, and so much careful positioning goes into every aspect for various different reasons.

The Kitchen Island is one object that, in particular, draws a huge amount of discussion and disagreement. Many people think they’re a waste of space; a big, obtrusive block in the middle of your kitchen that can, if placed incorrectly, get in the way of just about everything. Many people, though, swear by the Kitchen Island; an object that can act as every essential piece of kitchen equipment in one go. You can have appliances in it, use it for food preparation, even use their surfaces for eating as well. Many people, though, recommend the installation of a kitchen island because it allows for much easier preparation of food by providing another surface in easy reach to whoever is making it.