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The Sink: The overlooked essential

I could have started this post with a pretty stupid opening line like “Everyone has a sink!” but I thought better of it. Because I am not telling you that you need to get one, I am talking about why it is so important to get the right one, a good sink that does exactly what you need without being flashy or braggy. But what are the essentials that we look for in a sink? For some of us with broken dishwashers it is an absolute necessity that the sink is big enough to wash even the largest dishes and plates in our cupboards, otherwise it’s useless.

For many people it is about how it looks though, and about how it fits with the whole layout, style and colour of their kitchens. The type of metal is an important decision; something cheap can undermine the entire look of the room, but something too expensive can easily stand out; and no one wants a sink as their center piece.