Kitchen Accessories

Tiling is sexy

Now I know what you are already thinking; “How can you possibly think tiling is sexy? Are you some kind of insane person?” Woah now, maybe I am, but the key points are still salient! Since the dawn of time, or rather since we became material obsessed, people who are seen to be affluent are deemed more attractive. That’s because having money makes you a more attractive prospect to potential mates; since your children will have access to far more. The way you dress is, of course, a factor in displaying this – but your home as well is a key indicator.
You could have an enormous television, but those are ten a penny these days. Your kitchen is the crucial indicator. You need the latest designs, the best materials (be if flooring, tiling or even your cabinets) and even the best equipment and utensils. All of these things add up; so show off, use your kitchen to your advantage, show off your affluence!