Kitchen Accessories

Virtual Kitchen Planners

People do all sorts of helpful things to make buying a kitchen easier and online, virtual kitchen planners are one of them. It’s fun and simple to use and it’s really useful, it will give you a good idea of how your kitchen will look.


Start from scratch using a completely empty room, or choose a pre-designed room from some of the templates or saved designs. When you’ve got your space, start to fill it with your favourite kitchen cabinets, worktops and accessories. You can even go so far as to add lighting, chairs and plants to your kitchen to make it as real as possible.
When you’re happy with your finished plan, you can print it, email it and share it with as many people as you want to. It’s also a good idea to bring it with you if you book an appointment with one of the designers in stores as it will help them to understand how you want your kitchen to look.