Kitchen Accessories

Wall Mounted TVs: The man’s choice

So you have given up control of a number of rooms in your home to your wife or girlfriend; you have let them decide the colour schemes, the wallpapers, the flooring and the shabby chic accessories all over the room. There is one thing where she will let you have your say though, and it always comes down to the technology. She throws you that one scrap, that one morsel that you can call your own; so it is important to make the most of it. She gives an inch, and you take a mile.

You can choose the television; 60 inches, full 1080p, Freeview, Freesat, Netflix. The works. But the crucial element about having a television in the kitchen is where you position it. Position it on some lame counter top and you end up turning to look, positioning your body in such a way that you can’t quite see the scores on Match of the day. But on a wall. Mounted on a flipping wall. That is the future; glorious full HD future slap bang on the wall of your kitchen. Enjoy it my friends.